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Celebrate this Christmas in Surrey's most loved Fine Dining Restaurant

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There is nothing more special for a family that celebrates Christmas together than the holiday season. This is when families and friends get together to celebrate the festivities, exchange gifts, and of course, indulge in festive-special delicacies. While across the globe there might be many differences in how Christmas is celebrated, the part that food plays in any festival remains unchanged. After all, food is the best and most timeless way of bringing people together. This makes it only fitting for the festival to be celebrated with a lavish meal with friends and family in a fine dining restaurant. It also makes the best Christmas gift for all.


Being one of the best fine dining restaurants in Delta, Clove whips up Christmas special meals that will have your mouth watering. We will be honored to make your evening even more special by customizing your menu, setup, and entire fine dining experience according to your request. You can let the restaurant know in advance if you want a specific location in the restaurant, a certain table layout, or have any special dietary requirements.


Here are a few things you can do to ensure you have an unforgettable time at Clove:

  1. Keep the restaurant updated: If you booked a table for 7 but happen to expect some company, try to let the restaurant know that there might be more guests. Instead of assuming that there will be enough space for everyone, it is always a good idea to let the restaurant know so they can be prepared.
  2. Order food and drinks at the same time: We have a team of skilled waiters and waitresses to assist you. However, instead of having them go back and forth between your table and the bar, be prepared to order food and drinks at the same time to help them serve you better.
  3. Arrive at the appointed time: Christmas is the busiest time for fine dining restaurants. They will try to do everything in their power to assist you in enjoying a culinary experience like no other. The table bookings might be full for all the slots and having one family arrive late for dinner might cause inconvenience for others.


Enjoy a pleasant memorable evening at Clove, the best fine dining restaurant and create memories for a lifetime. This Christmas, Clove is serving amazing lunches and dinners worth remembering. You can check out the website or get in touch with us to book your table. Perfect for friends and families as well businesses to thank their workforce, the inexplicable service at Clove are eager to see you this Christmas!


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